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September 8, 2007 - Does God Count? UNIT - Albarn and Birdsell

The imagery [and sounds] available for this exhibition are computer generated from a combination of the digits 1 - 9 derived from the Fibonacci and related Series commonly found in Nature and the Arts. They are the result of many years research, trial and error. Their current stage of development arises from the collaboration of Keith Albarn and Jim Birdsell in the form of Unit.

“Their meaning lies in their genesis* ... from simple beginnings [in this case digits] may develop complex structures ... they grow from and become metaphors for the processes of life itself and hint at the laws governing the processes of creativity [self-generation] in nature, our behavior and here of course as art ... [ = number art]. ”

They demonstrate the importance and rewards of understanding the rules of the game [particularly that of life], the sources of attraction, the role of the inescapable minor perturbations, the importance of self similarity in our perception of it all and the role of harmonics and frequency that increasingly shape our models of reality and aid our exploration of inner and outer space. Hence, Does God Count?.

For this exhibition: The images are large scale, high quality digital prints.

The items exist in their own right, as presented, but as their genesis is digital these images may be made available for a wide range of materials, processes and applications, smaller or larger, in two, three and four dimensions. For further information and viewing of the many other images in stock, please email: or call: +44 (0)7983 600793 or see: